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Everyday Posture Exercises

It takes 21 days to form a new good habit, or in fact to break a bad one. The human brain and indeed our muscles are very adaptive. Experts advise incorporating good habits one day at a time, and to go easy on yourself for making mistakes along the way. There are infinite physical and […]

How to Improve Your Posture at Work

Our long-lost ancestors worked the ‘slumped shoulder’ strut for close access to the ground when it came to dinner time. But it’s been millions of years since we lit fires and straightened up. So why do we still slouch? The medical explanation is that we slouch because the muscles that work to hold the joint […]

A Short History of the Posture Corrector

Do you recall your mother nagging you to sit up straight? Well, it appears Mom’s have been begging us for centuries. As far back as the 18th century to be exact, where an upright posture was associated with a ‘moral’ upper-class society. Those who sat with a straight back were considered dignified, trustworthy, and attractive. […]

STAND UP STRAIGHT: Perfect Posture from Head to Toe

In recent times, we have become a generation of slouchers. Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, and computers; increased number of desk jobs; and long commutes to and from work have forced poor habits upon much of today’s workforce. Complaints of chronic knee problems and back pain have become the norm. The rise in popularity of chiropractors, […]

How To Improve Your Posture as a College Student

Your mom has nagged you enough about sitting and standing upright when you were a child, but she was right. The benefits of good posture are more than just looking good, specially as a college student where you spend most of your time sitting down at a desk in the library or an uncomfortable chair […]

The New Year Resolution Everyone Forgets and How To Keep It

It’s that time of the year, time to make new year’s resolutions and look at the broken ones we forgot to maintain. Often people forget to add “improving my posture” to their list but instead focus on losing weight, starting that diet (again), going to the gym or yoga class, and just “being” healthy. What […]

How Text Neck is Killing Your Good Posture And How To Fix It

There are two things I can tell about you right now. Most likely you are reading this article on your smart-phone or on your computer, and your posture is not the best while you are doing so. Am I right? Your head is tilted, your shoulders are rounded and your spine is not upright. Third […]

Learn From The Upright Team How To Quickly & Easily Attach Upright To Your Back

Back in my day, I didn’t have an UpRight trainer to help me with my posture. Instead, I had two loving, caring parents who would nag me every time I was slouching, and a cousin who will touch my spine every time I was not standing straight. Yes, it used to help my posture for about […]

How To Maintain a Healthy Posture in the Office

Sitting down at your desk all day can be a pain in the back, literally! Back pain, neck stiffness and shoulder pain are extremely common among workers, especially when they spend their entire day sitting at their desk and staring at a screen. Most of the elements in the office can lead to the back […]

The Benefits of Good Posture Are Going Viral

Everyone is talking about good posture. Recently, AOL News shared a few reasons why good posture is important, including leading to a better sex life. Then, Fast Company shared how good posture is the key to boosting your productivity, and Yahoo talked about how good posture and strong abs go hand-in-hand. It’s as if the […]

The Benefits of Good Posture for Your Health and Happiness

Are you slumping in your chair as you read this? We caught you. There’s no reason to deny it. Millions of Americans spend five days a week in an office and the majority of that time slouched over their keyboard. Let’s be honest. We know that good posture is important, but it’s just easier to […]