Improve Mental Clarity with a Back Straightener

Man looking at the benefits of good posture on his laptop

As we navigate this New Year, mental clarity plays a pivotal role in helping us chart a healthy course for 2019. We’ve no doubt set New Year’s Resolutions, declared new health intentions and set goals for our personal and professional lives. Yet, without clear focus, obtaining these goals and staying on course can become strenuous. Here’s how posture training with a back straightener can help you improve mental clarity and make it your best year yet.

Good Posture Improves Mental Clarity

Mental clarity filtrates throughout many facets of our lives. Whether studying for an exam or compiling a work report, clear focus is a hallmark of productivity. It’s not always easy to maintain focus, especially considering those looming digital distractions. However, digital advancements can actually assist with mental clarity, particularly regarding back posture.

Sitting in an upright posture cultivates clear thinking by allowing oxygen to flow to the brain. Neuroscientists have discovered that clear thinking has a direct relation to sitting upright. Furthermore, decluttering your workspace, setting a routine and allowing time for adequate breaks throughout the workday can all generate productivity. However, in order to organize, create good habits and better ourselves, we need to start at the source of our health: good posture.

Inevitably, after long hours at the computer or working on a project, we fall out of upright posture. That’s why now it’s easier than ever to strengthen our posture with an electronic posture sensor.

How Posture Affects the Brain

If you notice your attention drifting or distractions penetrating your focus, posture training can yield immense results. Posture training can particularly help during anxious situations like crunching numbers or public speaking. When we fall out of upright posture, it’s easier for our minds to lose focus.

Erik Peper, Professor of Health and Education at San Francisco State University, explains that poor posture shuts the brain down from optimal functioning, ultimately compromising mental clarity. Conversely, sitting upright not only helps people perform better, but alleviates nerves and mental stress, allowing us to focus clearly and enhance productivity.

How to Use a Back Straightener for Mental Clarity

The beauty of posture training is that you can train from anywhere– at your workstation, home office, on a walk, even while driving. Sitting straight benefits not only your posture, but will give your core strength, and radiate positivity into your mental and emotional health as well. In fact, good posture helps alleviate back pain, increase productivity and boost wellbeing.

With UPRIGHT, you can work, study and posture train at the same time. As little as 15 minutes a day can improve back strength and posture. In our fast-paced, digitally saturated daily grind, putting the focus back on our posture can help generate the mental clarity necessary to stay on track with your health, goals and happiness. Order your UPRIGHT trainer today for 20% off!

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