The Powerful Lifestyle Benefits of Good Posture

Men sitting on a park bench smiling toward the sky

We’ve all been there, slouched over our computers or hunching over our tiny phone screens for hours on end. While we get vacuumed into the digital universe that is our modern era, what is happening to our bodies, and do our daily activities promote bad posture? We all know that we should pay more attention to our posture, but it’s similar to how we know that we shouldn’t have that third helping of ice cream or we should skip the fries once in a while. Truth is, we’re the ones living in these bodies every day, so let’s break down the powerful lifestyle benefits of good posture.

Stand Tall and Feel Good

You know the scene, someone walks into a room and all eyes dart toward them.


They command the room, maybe they’re not James Bond, but we’d bet one major quality that’s garnering attention is their excellent posture. It seems like such a simple shift in habit, but good posture yields complex and ongoing health benefits. When you stand tall, you make an impression, in turn that impression makes you feel good about yourself. If our days move in cycles, those cycles begin and end with good posture.

Confidence has Entered the Building

Our days are filled with communication, interactions and constant decision-making. A study from Ohio State University found that posture is directly linked with how we view ourselves and our self-worth. So, next time you walk into work, sit down for a job interview, gab with your coworkers, or try something new, approach it with good posture and you’ll likely feel more confident and welcome positive results.

Straight Back, Clear Mind

Ahh clarity, when we have it we’re razor sharp and ready to take on the world. Conversely, when we’re fatigued and have cloudy thoughts, we slump into a haze. Kick the foggy brain by maintaining upright back posture. In addition, if your spine is arched you’re adding stress to your body and ultimately inviting pain. When working or focusing on your daily wellbeing, pain is a debilitating distraction sure to draw thoughts away from the task at hand. A straight back means less pain, and more focus on your day-to-day activities.

Sit Up Straight for Better Productivity

So you work at a desk or office job that’s sedentary? You’re not alone. While software developers spend 90% of their day sitting, the average time a person in any career spends sitting each day is 40%. During that 40% of the day, we’re likely hunching and slouching without even noticing it. Maybe our bodies aren’t moving, but somehow at the end of the day we feel exhausted, right? That’s because our soft tissues and muscles are being taxed from improper posture. As a result, our concentration dwindles, and we feel less productive to handle our daily tasks outside of work. Though it takes an adjustment and conscious effort, the benefits of sitting up straight will improve your productivity and make tasks much more manageable.

The Older You Will Be Thankful

Ok, we get it. Few of us like to imagine ourselves in our golden years. While ignorance may be bliss now, it’s not going to feel so warm and cozy when your neck is hanging low and your joints are aching from years of internal stress from bad posture. Like it or not, our current lifestyle choices will have a lasting impact on our future selves. A high quality of life during retirement begins with a conscious effort to choose good posture now. With that in mind, sit up straight, youngster.

Reduce Stress and Invite Peace

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, bad posture invites stress. With meetings, get-togethers, workloads and home life, we don’t need any additional stress in our lives. What’s more– good posture can actually minimize stress and welcome peace and calm. Our bodies are constantly in motion which leads to exhaustion. When we shift consciousness into our posture and sit upright, we kick the stress and invite serenity.

To recap, the benefits of good posture include:

  • Better moods
  • Boosted confidence
  • Clarity of mind
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher quality of life in later years
  • Stress-relief

We know that great posture is easier said than done, that’s why it helps to have a device to help with posture. Let UPRIGHT do the work, so that you can focus on strutting confidently through your healthy, happy, good-postured life.

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