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Tech Wellness

When Tech and Wellness Meet


“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

-Morihei Ueshiba

How tech is changing the wellness industry

Often when we think of technology, we associate bad habits and the dissolution of communication and interaction between people. We envision children with their eyes glued to glowing screens, or adults crossing the street to work, their faces aglow from the light of their cell phone screen. However, the emergence of tech into the wellness space is changing that negative image.

The collaboration between tech and wellness fields have brought products to the marketplace that can drastically change the way we approach mindfulness, from how we walk to how we sit. Today, watches can remind you when to stand up, apps can assist in building customized workout plans, and a tiny device can gently remind individuals of the benefits of proper posture.

A gentle reminder

Wellness indicates the process of becoming aware and actively taking steps towards a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Embarking on the journey towards wellness can be daunting at first, as it’s not always easy to be so actively aware of every part of your body. The UPRIGHT GO  is a great solution to remember the benefits of sitting up straight. The small device is placed on your back and connects to an app that shows individuals their posture at any given time.

When slouching is detected, the device sends a gentle vibration as a reminder to straighten up. Through this safe reminder, we can better improve our overall state of well-being.

Beat “text neck”

Upright is also helpful in those trying to become more aware of, what has been dubbed, “text neck,” or the downward position the neck takes when an individual is busy with a cell phone or computer screen. Upright’s dynamic solution to improve posture training device works in a multitude of locations from the sofa at home to the office. The device is comfortable and connects to the app via Bluetooth, making it portable and easy for adults and teens alike to use the device while doing the following activities:  

  • Working
  • Driving
  • Eating
  • Sitting
  • Walking

Posture, poise and confidence

Over 50% of overall health is linked to behavior and environment. This indicates that tech and wellness have the potential to shape our behavior for the better, and quite dramatically. A slouched or hunched back does not exactly project confidence, and people often perceive, even subconsciously, a person who does not possess good posture as inferior. Posture has always been associated with confidence and success, and, much like the power pose, good posture projects a strong sense of self and assurance. UPRIGHT GO is a posture corrector that does not just assist people with bad posture, it promotes sitting straight benefits and assists users to live more mindful lives all while improving presentation, mood, and overall mind body connection.

Improve wellness at home at a lower cost

In large, society is turning towards healthier lifestyle solutions like better eating habits, exercise, wellness, and meditation. In the past, these pursuits, like Pilates and yoga classes, were often a costly endeavor.  Thanks to the entrance of technology into the wellness space, more and more people are gaining access to significant advances in technology that assist people to live more mindful and aware lifestyles, not only from the comfort of their own home but also without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Good posture has always been associated with a certain grace and elegance possessed by athletes and dancers that is envied by many, but now available to all.

By using the UPRIGHT GO posture trainer, you are taking proactive steps towards your overall well-being, and almost instantly improving your look and confidence.

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