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Improve Your Posture in 14 Days

Build core strength and posture awareness in 3 simple steps.

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Sync your device to
the UPRIGHT app
with a few taps
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Attach the device
to your upper back.
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Train and track
your posture with
real-time feedback.

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We've got your back

Prevent and relieve pain that comes from sitting for hours on end by developing better posture awareness and body focus

body alignment

back muscles

core strength

Shirtless man with UPRIGHT GO 2 and key benefit points on his back Shirtless man with UPRIGHT GO 2 and key benefit points on his back

body alignment

back muscles

core strength

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Next-level posture training

Use our free iOS and Android apps to track
and train your posture.

More Than 4,000 5-Star Reviews

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What people are saying

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Slouchy no more! It really works! A little buzz on my back every time I get out of alignment is the perfect reminder to sit up straighter :) I notice myself being cognizant of my posture even when I'm not wearing it. Definitely recommend it!
User profile pictureJane S.
Fantastic structure. It always helps to keep my back correctly and warns me. I can see how my development develops every day. I love it! Thank you Upright!
User profile pictureAlíz S.
The Go 2 has been an interesting experience in realizing how often I slip into a slumped posture. It seems to happen when I am focused on a task. It is making me think about my stance and I hope soon to settle into good positions naturally. Highly recommended!
User profile pictureThomas C.
I’m very pleased with the new Upright Go 2. I’d used the original model, but I was happy to pass it on to my husband and take the new sleek model for myself. I like the smaller size and the fact that the Go 2 holds a charge longer.
User profile pictureKeli G.
Boy do I need this! I'm sitting at a desk most of the day and I've been watching myself get more and more slumpy (not sure if that is a word). So far, Upright Go has been a great trainer. I'm much more aware of my posture even when it's not active.
User profile pictureSheri B.
It saved me from spending a lot of time in the ER
User profile pictureElizabeth M.
No more pain in the back and better posture.
User profile pictureMykaël B.
My posture has improved, thanks to this tiny device
User profile pictureCandace D.
Standing tall brings confidence that allows me to be seen in an efficient presence. Using Upright go 2 has helped me with all my goals and needs to take care of my body and inner wellness. Thank you, Maggie
User profile pictureMargaret C.
Works well, already seeing results after only a couple of days.
User profile pictureAndre L.

Compare Upright Models

UPRIGHT GO device with vibration lines radiating outward
UPRIGHT GO 2 device with vibration lines radiating outward
The Original GO The All-New GO 2
2.17" (55.1mm) Size icon 1.89" (48mm)
10 Hours Battery icon 40 Hours
Single Sensor Sensor icon Multi-Sensors
Adhesive icon 40% Wider
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