Improve your posture in 14 days

Build core strength and posture awareness in 3 simple steps.

#1 Sync your device to
with a few taps
#2 Place the UPRIGHT
device onto your
upper back
#3 Cultivate wellness
with real-time posture
feedback and stats

We've got your back

Adopt healthy habits naturally with the UPRIGHT GO 2. Prevent and relieve pain that comes from sitting for hours on end by developing better posture awareness and body focus

Improve body alignment

Strengthen back muscles

Develop core strength

Next level posture training

Use our award winning iOS
and Android apps to track &
train your posture for free

More Than 4,000 5-Stars Reviews

What people are saying

I expected this to help my posture, I did not expect the immediate and dramatic decrease in shoulder and upper back pain. I'm really glad I bought it!
Lydia A.
I never thought I would be able to achieve a decent posture and I have managed it instantly, without any real effort from my part. I couldn't be more grateful to the Upright team for changing my life.
Albert A.
Incredible. The size makes me forget about it all day. I love the GO 2! Plus the battery... they really have out done themselves this time!
Austin D.

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The Original
2.17" (55.1mm) 10 Hours Single Sensor Long lasting
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The All-New
GO 2
1.89" (48mm) 30 Hours Multi-Sensors 40% wider
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