Fascia – The secret ingredient of your healthy posture.

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As this stay at home situation drags on and seems like it may continue for some time in some form or another, many of us are spending extended hours in positions that are creating issues for our bodies. As work life and home life have melded into one, we often find ourselves in contorted positions for hours at a time, This may hurt our Fascia and cause us health problems. Whether that be sitting at a desk, couch, or table in front of our laptops, or reading and working from the bed, these poor positions can cause a myriad of problems for our health. You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking, which is to say that sitting is as injurious as smoking. 

What is Fascia and Why Is it important?

We have a vast nerve-rich connective tissue system that runs from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. It’s called the myofascial system and it contains the most nerves of any system in the body. When we are in certain positions for a long period, the myofascia take on that position. If we were to strip everything away except the myofascia, we would still see the figure of a sitting person. When we are in contorted, unnatural positions, even for brief periods, we can injure our myofascia. In addition, the bad alignment caused by poor postures can affect the nerves and joints of the spine. Those changes can cause pain, sometimes chronic pain. Think upper back pain and headaches. Think lower back pain. Think carpal tunnel syndrome. 

How can we improve the health of our Fascia?

So our fascia needs our TLC, through good postures and positions. Other helpful things to do to promote healthy myofascia is to move and hydrate well. The movement pushes hydration through the fascia. Interestingly enough, moving and hydration are two important components in combating Coronavirus. Additionally, good posture and the right movements open up the ribcage and improve breathing, another important tool in the battle against Coronavirus. 

So what are the top priorities in having a healthy body and myofascia in the age of Coronavirus?

  1. Keep good posture. Make sure to use your posture trainer to make sure you keep good posture if you will be sitting or standing for more than brief periods.
  2. Vary your positions. While using your laptop you can stand at the kitchen counter or pile some books on the table underneath your laptop. While binge-watching your favorite series, perhaps lay in the cobra yoga-pose with your laptop in front of you. Most importantly, don’t get locked into one position.  Check out our tips for maintaining Good Posture while working from home.
  3. Move. Most any movement is better than no movement. Yoga or gentle stretching can be done at home in a small space with little or no equipment at all. Even gentle running in place or jumping jacks are a great way to pump your fascia and will also get your heart-rate up. 
  4. Hydrate. Most of us don’t drink enough or eat enough hydrating foods. Water is good, fresh green juice, fruits, and green vegetables are even better. You can easily begin your day with a large glass of water or two to kickstart and hydrate your myofascia.

Begin these easy tips today, and in a few days, you will start to see changes in how you feel and move.

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