5 Exercises that Improve Back Posture

Woman exercising outside stretching her arms

The benefits of good posture are no secret

In fact, upright posture can strengthen the core muscles, build confidence, enhance mental clarity and improve daily wellbeing

A posture trainer is a great way to make good posture a habit. In addition, you can also strengthen the back with these 5 exercises that improve back posture!

1. Plank Pose

Why try it? High plank helps strengthen the shoulders, hamstrings and glutes. It also creates strength in the core and back muscles and creates balance, all crucial components to good posture.

How to do it: Lower down on all fours, then straighten the legs and lift the hips into the air. Keep the back straight and core engaged. Keep the chest open and shoulders back. Do plank pose in intervals of 60 seconds.

2. Shoulder Rolls

Why try it? Many people spend a large part of the day sitting at home offices or desks. Shoulder rolls are a helpful way to relieve tension in the back while practicing correct posture.

How to do it: This one is simple and can be done throughout the day. Inhale and raise the shoulders toward the ears. Hold this position for a few seconds, then exhale and rotate the shoulders downward. Repeat 5-10 times throughout the day.

3. Pilates Swimming

Why try it? This is an ultra back strengthening technique that helps improve posture when sitting or standing. Originally created for dancers to perfect their posture, it’s now a widely practiced exercise used to strengthen the back muscles.

How to do it: Lie down facing the floor and lift the arms straight over the head. First, lift the left arm and right leg, both elbows and knees straight. Then lower the limbs down and switch sides.

4. Wall Angels

Why try it? Got a wall nearby? Great! Wall Angels are an easy exercise that have powerful results including alleviating neck tension and monitoring your posture.

How to do it: Lean backwards against a wall and lift the arms up and down, like you’re making snow angels. Ensure that the back is flat against the wall and that you’re in an upright position.

5. Chest Opener

Why try it? Upright posture involves keeping the chest open and shoulders back. Chest openers help strengthen the chest. This is a great exercise to practice daily for those who spend a large portion of the day sitting.

How to do it: Stand with the feet hip-width apart, then bring the arms behind the body, interlacing the fingers at the palms. Press the hands together while keeping the head, spine, and neck aligned. Lift the chest upward and slowly lower the hands toward the floor. Hold this pose for 5 deep breaths, then release and relax before repeating.

Improve back posture with UPRIGHT

There you have it! Incorporate these simple exercises into your daily routine to build strength and actively improve posture. If you need an extra boost, combine your daily exercise with the UPRIGHT GO posture trainer to see results in as little as 2 weeks!

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