Improve Back Posture by Strengthening Core Muscles

Three people exercising their core muscles to improve back posture

As we approach the holiday season, it’s easy to slip out of our health routines. A toned waistline isn’t the only reason to work on building core strength. A strong core can also improve back posture and health. Let’s breakdown the intimate relationship between the core and back, and get familiar with some methods to improve posture by building core strength. But before you drop and give me 50, there are alternative methods to building core strength other than grueling sit-ups. First thing’s first: How does the core relate to the back?

The Core is the Body’s Anchor

If you think about your core as the anchor to your body’s weight, then you realize that everything, (your back, spine, neck, head) relies on its strength. This is why spinal alignment is vital to back health. Because the abs sit in front of the spine, strengthening them can help alleviate other muscles from over exerting themselves to support the spine. By strengthening the core muscles, the spine relies less on support from the back muscles. While a plus of core exercises is a toned tummy, there’s also the added bonus of improved back posture. Win-win!

Core Exercises for Back Health

Now that we know the importance of a strong core, how do we strengthen it? You don’t need to spend hours at the gym doing crunches, in fact, daily stretching can help strengthen the core and improve back health. For a strong core, exercises should target the major abdominal muscles, including the transverse abdominals and obliques. Let’s crunch down some effective ways to tone the tummy and improve back health.

  1. Daily stretching: That’s right. Stretching can do wonders for abdominal strength and back health. Take it a step further by incorporating yoga or pilates. Try updog or triangle pose for core strengthening and a great back stretch.
  2. Plank and side plank: These poses are a great way to stabilize the core and build strength, even spending 30 seconds twice a day planking can improve core strength.
  3. Push-Ups: Wait, what? Did you think push-ups were only for building strong biceps? Think again. Similar to plank pose, push-ups require immense core strength to alleviate pressure from the lower back. Try implementing 10 push-ups a day, start on your knees if you have to. Over time, you’ll not only noticed toned arms, but a toned tummy and healthier back as well.

There you have it! Core strengthening is a great way to build muscle definition and improve back health. Exercising alone can help to improve daily well being, but sometimes the rigors of our day-to-day obligations weigh us down. To lighten the load, try UPRIGHT, an electronic posture corrector that helps to improve back posture!

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