The UPRIGHT NECKLACE: Another Way to Wear Your GO

Upright Go2 and Upright Necklace on a woman's back

You spoke and we listened!

Introducing the UPRIGHT NECKLACE, a game-changing new accessory that gives you the option to wear your GO device without adhesives. Thanks to its innovative design, the necklace manages to be convenient and flexible without compromising on accuracy.

Now it’s easier than ever to get the hang of healthy posture!

Necklace vs. Adhesives: What’s the Difference?

Wearable devices are, by definition, meant to be worn on your body. The UPRIGHT GO and GO 2 are no exception, sitting snugly on your upper back where they can best track your posture. Until now, users were only able to keep them in place by means of special adhesives that are applied directly to the skin. But variety being the spice of life and all, we thought it fitting (pun intended) to offer an alternative to that tried-and-trusted method. And so, the UPRIGHT NECKLACE was born.

Wondering if this nifty new accessory is right for you? Read on…

Super simple to use

We’ve designed the UPRIGHT NECKLACE to connect to your GO device in seconds, because who’s got time to fumble around? Simply remove the adhesive from your device with the removal tool that came in the original box. Then, connect the necklace to your GO device via the USB-C or Micro USB connector (depending on which model you have). Finally, open the magnetic clasp, position your GO on your back, and connect the magnets so they rest below your collarbone. You’ll hear a reassuring “snap” as the magnets come together for a secure fit.

Built to hang around

“I used the reusable adhesive strips for a couple of weeks but I decided to invest in this necklace to get better convenience.”

Zaid I., Verified Purchaser

While our adhesives remain a popular option, there’s no getting around the fact that they need replacing after 3-10 uses (depending on your skin type). For some customers, this is a fair trade-off as they do provide a more discreet fit under your clothes. However, if sustainability is of greater concern to you, you’re probably better off going with the necklace option. Made of durable materials, this accessory is designed to accompany you throughout your posture journey and beyond. As one user aptly put it, “I can wear it all day without thinking about it. And no consumables to worry about.”

Hair to stay

“For someone who has a hairy back like me, the necklace is a breeze!”

Anthony S., Verified Purchaser

When you remove any kind of adhesive from the skin, no matter how gentle, there’s always a chance you’ll lose a few hairs in the process. While the vast majority of Upright customers manage just fine with the adhesives, users with more hair on their backs definitely appreciate having a non-sticky option. We chose a high-grade silicone for the UPRIGHT NECKLACE that rests comfortably on the back without adhering to the skin – perfect for all our Abominable GO-Men and Women!

Another benefit of the necklace is that it doesn’t attract dirt, so your UPRIGHT device stays squeaky clean for longer. Nice!

An Instant Hit Among Upright Users

The UPRIGHT NECKLACE hasn’t been out 5 minutes and already the positive reviews are starting to roll in. One happy necklace owner explains why she gave it a 5-star rating in the Upright Store:

“I absolutely love using this necklace. It’s easier to see and remember to use my UPRIGHT GO. Black goes with everything and it works just as well as the stickies. I like it better than using the adhesives.”

John D., Verified Purchaser

Are you ready to take your posture training to the necks level?


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