Let’s back up and get down to some important questions on posture (pun intended). Your mom has been nagging you for years to sit upright, stand upright, walk upright and you’ve never even known what being upright looks like or listened since nagging is the worst, but now your back hurts and you’re starting to think you should have listened.

It’s actually the most comfortable and natural position for you to be in. But (you must be wondering) if it’s so comfortable and natural, why do you need an UPRIGHT posture device?

In this technological age, we’ve grown used to slouching in front of our laptops and iPhones that slouching has become the new normal. So much so that it can feel weird and strained to be upright. We continue to have poor posture even though we know it’s the cause of our lower back pain, our exhaustion, and even our insecurities.

 Changing bad habits are hard. In fact, in general, it takes a month or even more to teach yourself to change bad habits and adopt new ones.

Upright posture devices are built to help you build long term proper posture habits.

Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions about our posture trainers:

How do the UPRIGHT devices work?

Our posture trainers are placed directly onto your back (either lower or upper depending on the device) with an adhesives. Once you calibrate your proper posture, the device will vibrate whenever it senses that you are no longer sitting, standing, or walking upright. The gentle vibration serves to remind you to be upright.

How does it help build long term good habits?

The UPRIGHT GO come with a customized and personal training plan in the mobile app. The training plan is based on your age, weight, and back pain. Each day the amount of time you train your posture builds so that proper posture becomes instinctive.

How do they stick onto my back?

The UPRIGHT GO comes with 5 reusable hypoallergenic adhesives that last up to 10 days.

Is the UPRIGHT device noticeable?

UPRIGHT devices are to be worn directly on the spine, so they are discrete. No one has to know your training to be posture perfect. It’s just between you and your upright.

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