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From Hunched Over a Screen to Posture Queen


All Hail the Posture Queen!

In her youth, Chicago-based CEO and marketing guru Taylar Barrington had excellent posture. However, as she built her empire and devoted hours to her work at a computer screen every day, she became a self-proclaimed sloucher and suffered from chronic back pain.

Now, Taylar’s story is not unique, of course. I think most of us would admit to spending more screen time with our devices than can be considered healthy. A recent study found that Americans spend nearly half their waking hours glued to their screens. Shocker! Besides the obvious strain this puts on our eyes, there are wider health implications to consider.

Why Quick Fixes Don’t Last

As Taylar grew her business, slayed her career, and inspired thousands of women around the world to do the same, slouching began to take its toll, resulting in back pain and discomfort. That’s when she started grabbing whatever she could – pillows, blankets, you name it – to ease the side effects of bad posture. She soon found that these temporary fixes were not a long-term solution and the pain would always return with a vengeance. In order to make a complete recovery, she would need to address the problem at its root.

Quick fixes aren’t sustainable – they don’t remedy the problem, only the side effects.” – Taylar Barrington

Start as You Mean to GO On

So, how does one go about improving their body alignment and reverse the damaging effects of slouching?

In Taylar’s case, all it took were a few minor changes to her lifestyle and a little help from the world’s smartest posture trainer. Replacing her bad posture habits with healthy ones enabled her to not only reduce her back pain, but feel more confident and look taller too.

In the end, it was the simple-but-effective combination of regular exercise, healthy diet, and increased body awareness that earned Taylar the title of Posture Queen. And well deserved it is too!

Are you Stuck in a Slouch?

Let us know in the comments below which solutions you’ve tried to correct bad posture habits and if/how they’ve helped.

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