6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Health

Spring is a beautiful time of year when flowers bloom, the rain nourishes the earth, vegetation flourishes and beautiful colors blossom all around us. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and fresh starts. With winter behind us and summer approaching, springtime is the perfect transitional period to check in with our health.

In fact, it’s time to start spring cleaning. We’re not just talking about cleaning the house. We’re talking about an opportunity to implement a new morning routine, pick up a new hobby or finally get organized.

It’s time to start fresh, improve well-being and spring clean your health. Here are six ways to spring into excellent health!

1.  Soak in The Vitamin D

The sun is out in all its glory and after those chilly winter months, our bodies need to recharge on vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D is vital to a strong immune system, balanced hormones, increased energy, healthy bones and overall happiness.

To get an adequate amount of vitamin D, spend 10-20 minutes in the sun every day. Use this time to get outside for a brisk morning walk or go for an afternoon jog. Daily movement outside is a great way to recharge, energize your body and improve posture.

2.  Let Fresh Air in and Minimize Spring Allergies

While springtime is beautiful, it’s unfortunately notorious for conjuring up pesky allergens. To clear your home of spring allergies, you’ll want to kill dust mites and bacteria by washing all your bed linens, towels, and blankets. Wipe windows, fans, ceiling fans, and any flat surfaces prone to collecting dust with an antibacterial cloth.

Lastly, keep the windows open to let the fresh air in, which promotes clear thinking, a clean home and productive living space.

3.  Eat Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

A great way to get vitamin D and eat fresh is to walk to your local grocer or farmer’s market. Buying seasonal foods aligns you with the freshest foods of the season, which are full of healthy nutrients.

Savory spring greens include broccoli, spinach, green beans, asparagus and peas. Snack on zesty spring fruits including mango, honeydew melon, pineapple, oranges and strawberries.

4.  Implement Mindfulness

Too often, we make the mistake of focusing entirely on our physical health. However, what’s going on mentally and emotionally? Use spring as a fresh start to implement a new mindfulness routine.

Start your day with 10 minutes of meditation or squeeze in a 30 minute yoga practice on your lunch break. Mindfulness involves eliminating external distractions to focus entirely on the present moment. By focusing on the present, we mindfully connect deeper to our mind, body and soul.

5.  Audit Your Belongings

How old is that eye-shadow? How many miles are on those running shoes? Spring is the perfect time to take note of your belongings and purge those that aren’t serving you anymore. In fact, items that are past their expiration date can actually be hindering you. Spring cleaning includes cleansing your home of outdated or expired items that are not just cluttering your home–but your health, too. By clearing out the old, we create space for the positive things in our lives.

6.  Start Posture Training with UPRIGHT

There is no better time to actively improve posture than right now. In fact, posture training for just 15 minutes a day can create positive shifts throughout your life. Spring is the season of change; of fresh starts and new beginnings. What better time to invite the benefits of good posture into your life?

Posture training with UPRIGHT improves mental clarity, strengthens core muscles, enhances moods and fosters productivity. Best part? You’ll turn good posture into a habit in as little as two weeks.

Spring Into Your Best Health

Now that you’ve taken the steps to spring clean your health, it’s time to get outside, smell the roses and revel in the glorious beauty of spring. Think of springtime as a chance to start fresh, implement a new routine, dust off the winter gloom and devote some much deserved attention to your health and well-being.

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