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Poor Posture Can Exacerbate Depression

Slouchers, according to a San Francisco State University study, are much more prone to feeling depressed and lacking in energy, than their upright co-walkers. Likely linked to the difficulties slouchers will have in breathing, and therefore the flow of oxygen around their body, a quick way to feel slightly better, and possibly even reduce depressive thoughts is to stand upright.

Poor Posture Can Impact Your Career

Think about it – if you’re in a job interview, or asking for a promotion or are waiting for some other career-defining event to happen, poor posture can affect how people perceive you – and therefore, your abilities and suitability for a role, raise or promotion. If you look as if you’re lacking confidence – by being slouched over and having generally poor posture – this will likely put you in a negative stead. By standing upright, you seem much more open, confident, and ready for any and all of the challenges you may have.

Poor Posture Can Make You Constipated

According to Steven Weniger, author of Stand Taller, Live Longer, ‘when you sit in a crunched position, your intestines are folded up – which can slow everything down’.

If you can’t go regularly, not only will you be uncomfortable, but this will lead in the short and long-term to other health problems. So make sure you sit upright – do it for your intestines and bowel movements!

Poor Posture Can Cut Off Your Blood Flow

When our bodies move, it helps our body’s systems to work – our blood flow, digestive systems and more. But, with prolonged, slouched sitting, our bodies find it that much harder to get everything flowing properly – in fact, it can increase pressure and increases the likelihood of you having spider veins too.

Poor Posture Can Stress You Out

It’s a bit of a ‘chicken or egg’ case – but having poor posture can stress you out, and keep you stressed out – although feeling stressed can also lead to you having poor posture.

A recent Harvard study showed participants in a trial who adopted a more open, powerful pose saw a 20% increase in testosterone, and a 25% decrease in cortisol levels – AKA, the stress hormone. On the other hand, the test group’s slouchers had a 10% decrease in testosterone, and their cortisol levels increase 15%. So, not only does sitting slouched make it harder to breathe – but it medically increases your cortisol – the stress hormone – levels.

The facts are clear – sitting slouched really isn’t good for your overall health and wellbeing. Poor posture can lead to some pretty serious health issues – meaning sitting upright has never been more important, especially when there are so many benefits to standing or sitting properly!

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