3 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Feeling self-conscious? You’re not alone. Self-doubt is very much a part of being human – in fact, I’m having second thoughts about that last sentence! But lack of confidence isn’t an inherent flaw in your character, nor does it have to define you. With the right tools, you can build up the inner (and outer) confidence you need to silence the negative chatter and carpe that diem.

Be the Change You Want to See

Self-doubt is so common, in fact, 85 percent of the population experiences it, according to author and success coach Dr. Joe Rubino. Given that the majority of us know exactly what low self-esteem feels like, what can we do to overcome it?

For a start, we can build body awareness by taking note of how we carry ourselves. Are we sitting/standing upright or hunched over? Is our body open or closed off? Are we smiling or do we look like we’re trying to solve an algebra equation in our head? Like it or not, our body language reveals a lot about how we perceive ourselves and, in turn, how others perceive us. Ergo, if we make ourselves appear powerful and confident, people will view us in that same light. Hey, it works for the peacock…

“Now I feel more confident and my coworkers have all noticed my improved posture.” – Kenneth G., Amazon

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy takes this a step further, claiming that by adopting certain body positions, or power poses, we can boost our confidence – even if we’re not feeling it in the moment. This matter-over-mind approach may even increase our chances of success, make us more social, and unlock our true potential.

3 Steps to Instantly Boost Confidence

  1. Get pumped – There will be times when an important meeting or social event requires a little self-assurance. That’s when you dip into your confidence toolkit: smile until you laugh, give yourself a pep talk, blast the Rocky theme song – whatever it takes to get you pumped.
  1. Strike a power pose – Stand upright, keep your feet hip-distance apart, place your hands on your hips, lift your chest, and smile. And who’s to stop you from flexing a bit? Get into whichever pose makes you feel like you’re the boss and lean into it until you believe it.
  1. Build body awareness – You can literally train yourself to look taller and leaner with the help of a smart posture device that sits on your back and gently vibrates every time you slouch. Beast mode, here you come!

Ready to unleash your inner Olympian? Let’s perfect your power pose.



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  • Peggy Swingle October 16, 2019

    Please tell me exactly how this works. Do you get a signal on your phone if you slouch?? or what?

    • Hi Peggy,
      The UPRIGHT GO and UPRIGHT GO 2 work by learning your upright position and training your back and core muscles to sit and stand upright.
      It does this by lightly vibrating the UPRIGHT GO device when you are slouched.
      The devices are placed on your upper back and work while sitting, walking and basically everyday use.
      If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact our support team via the in-app chat or at [email protected]
      Upright Team

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