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1. Your Head Will Ache

Strange, right? Well no, actually – headaches and migraines among slouchers are pretty common, for several reasons. Slouching and bad posture can cause both muscle tension along your neck and upper back, which radiates upwards to your head. That, and slouching also restricts your breathing, which brings us on to…

2. You’ll Breathe Less Naturally

Bad posture and unnatural or strained breathing go hand in hand – you can try this out for yourself. Slouchers actually restrict their respiratory system by not standing straight – the system which allows air to both enter and exits the body much more smoothly – and by standing up straight, the respiratory system is less scrunched.

3. You’ll Have Less Upper Body Strength

It’s true – slouching leads to weaker upper body strength, which in turn leads to more slouching. By slouching forward and distributing your weight unevenly around your body, you’re actually putting more pressure on the lower half of your body. By standing straight,  you’re redistributing that weight…which will eventually tone your back and shoulders. Nice!

4. You’re Likely To Feel Bad – Emotionally

There are a wide range of studies which prove how slouching and depression are interlinked – and unfortunately, this is yet another vicious cycle. Slouching can also lead to low self-esteem and lower self-confidence – and people with bad posture are much more likely to have a lower opinion of themselves, to boot.

5. It Will Mess Up Your Bowel Movements

Yes – slouching and bad posture has a direct impact on your time in the bathroom too! Sitting or standing incorrectly actually scrunches up your digestive system, making it harder for waste to continue its way around your intestines…which results in constipation. You can do several things to alleviate this, including keeping hydrated – and standing upright.

6. It Causes Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Perhaps the most well-known side effect of bad posture, this trifecta of pain is always unpleasant and unwelcome – it’s the result of nerve tension from your back’s curves being stretched against their will, which adds tension to other areas of the back, shoulders, and neck.

7. You Might Get Forgetful

Yes, all of that blood flow to your brain struggles to get there when you’re slouching – which means you might just find it hard to remember things. Cloudy heads and forgetfulness are a direct result of bad posture – and studies show how sitting up straight can dramatically reverse that.

So there you have it – these 7 surprising side effects of slouching and bad posture are pretty serious, and luckily – inevitable! Using your UPRIGHT GO daily can help to prevent any and all of the above from ever happening – so start using yours today!

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