4 Tips to Stick To Your Holiday Resolution, using Good Posture Techniques - UPRIGHT
  1. Be/Feel More Confident

How many of us look back on our past year and think, ‘I wish I had just…’, or ‘I should have taken more risks,’ or ‘I should have chosen to…’?

Trying to act more confident is one of the most common New Year resolutions wishes, and luckily, it’s very achievable – by using good posture techniques. Standing upright, or sitting upright with your back straight and head held high, not only projects confidence by the bucketload – but it actually makes you feel better. So, for a confidence boost, try sitting upright.

2. Lose Weight

Who hasn’t resolved to lose weight this year, last year or any other year? We thought so. And again, having a correct, upright posture is going to really help you on your way to actually achieving this.

Long story short, sitting upright will help regulate and improve your bowel movements, as well as help your digestion – meaning you get a flatter stomach and maybe even shed those pounds. At the very least, you’ll feel a lot better!

3. Feel Happier

It’s completely normal to feel a little lonely or winsome on New Year’s Eve as you take stock of the past year, later resolving to be more ‘happy’ next year.

Even though some of us may find it hard to define what happiness means to us, from a chemical perspective, it’s entirely possible to be much happier just from sitting upright!

As countless scientific research has shown, maintaining an upright posture increases the happy hormones flooding your body, and makes your body systems more regulated and smoother running. So if it’s ‘happiness’ you’re after, then do yourself a favor – sit upright and get those hormones flowing!

4. Make More of Your Appearance

As we look backwards on the past year and a sense of change is in the air, we continue to think about ways to improve ourselves for the coming, new year.

And one quick, easy way to look better is to, yes – sit upright. Not only will it make you appear slimmer (slouching, after all, doesn’t flatter your best assets, frame or state of mind now, does it?) but will also make you appear stronger and more attractive to the opposite sex. It’s like an instant body lift.

And there you have it – the above 4 most common New Year resolutions are all achievable – just from sitting or standing upright.

To help you achieve all of this and more, get personal posture training with an UPRIGHT GO – buy yours today!

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