Back to School? 4 Fun Activities to Help Kids Move and Think

Father and daughter playing on the floor

As Labor Day approaches and kids gradually return to school, the paradox of the new normal becomes clearer than ever. For many kids, it will be their first year of preschool, of first grade, maybe of middle school – but they’ll be (mostly, partially or only) attending school from home. Beyond the big-picture questions about making friends, learning effectively and the emotional impact of it all, we found ourselves wondering – when school is at home, what do after-school activities look like?


Get On The Floor

After a whole day of sitting in front of the computer and suffering from Zoom burnout (yes, those video calls do put a physical strain on your neck, shoulders and face), nothing could be healthier than sitting on the floor and stretching your legs while playing. What to play? Well, how about a nostalgic round of Super TAKI ($12.57 on Amazon) or a imagination-boosting puzzle?


Get Moving

Ask your kids to do some exercise after school (or even worse, on their break!) and you might hear the loudest collective groan. But try asking them to play Just Dance on their Nintendo Switch – and suddenly this aerobic activity will become the unnest (And most competitive.. Just saying) thing they’ve done all day. If you want some variety, Beat Saber, and Ring Fit Adventure are also fun options that will keep you on your feet.


Get Cooking

After a day of learning, tummies are sure to be empty and hands are sure to be hungry for some tactile activities. Get those little hands busy and teach them the basics of the kitchen – beyond getting help with dinner, this is a great way to get your kids friendly with fruit, vegetables and other healthy ingredients, whet the appetites of picky eaters and have deep conversations about sustainability. Here are 2 great articles with recipes to make with kids.


Get Full STEAM Ahead

Speaking of back to school, how about some educational activities that will teach your kids how cool science and technology can be? Learn how to build electrical circuits with Electro Dough (perfect for ages 4 and up), code an arcade game at home, and for 3rd graders and up – show your kids how to build a system that will control their entire room with a buzzer, a dimmer, a sound trigger and more.


We know, with all these fun activities, joining Zoom classes might seem dull. We suggest going for one at a time and incorporating activities not only after school but on breaks to help keep the day fun and engaging.

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