Love Your Back
and It’ll Love You Back

Lasting pain relief for your back starts at the source.
Strengthen your posture and give your core a solid foundation

Prevent backache
and muscular pain

back muscles

Trains your muscles to work efficiently
and fights fatigue

How It Works
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What people are saying
  • After a month of using the Upright GO I really started feeling the muscles on my back just like after a workout. I felt my back getting stronger and I’ve gotten more aware of my posture too. It really does the trick!”

    Albena Geleva
  • I was secretly doing my Day 7 training today at work, when a new colleague commented from across the room, "You have SUCH good posture!". Guess it’s working after all! :)

  • Loving my new UPRIGHT GO. From packaging to on-boarding to actual day-to-day use the experience has been great!

  • I’ve been using the GO for quite some time and am, not only seeing, but i’m also feeling the results. I sincerely believe that it’s a must wearable for anyone working in front of a computer or just sitting all day. This is also great for anyone who's not happy with their posture. I can’t imagine working without the GO

    Mor Schlesinger

The effortless way to correct
your ‘screen-slouch’

Lasting pain relief for your back starts at the source.
Strengthen your posture and give your core a solid foundation

  • 1
    Turn it On
  • 2
    Put it On
  • 3
    Immediate posture feedback

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Track or Train
(Free iOS and Android App)

Track your posture all day long or train to improve it.
Check your stats to see how you’ve improved

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Good posture has been proven to

  • Decrease Back Pain
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Overall Wellbeing

We Got Your Back

Alignment for your body, mind and soul

  • Press & Go

    Press the button then put it on your back, as simple as that

  • Personalized

    Custom training plan fits your unique profile

  • As Active As You Are

    Whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or driving

  • Visualize Your Progress

    Review your stats, history and usage on the app

  • Stunning Minimal Design

    Made from the finest materials and just plain gorgeous

  • BioFeedback Loop

    Don’t just sit up straight, UPRIGHT trains your body to stay that way

Huge Benefits - Tiny Habit Changing Device
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