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The Simplest Way to
Transform Your Posture

Helping 750,000 + people
sit, stand and feel better every day

15,000+ reviews

Your poor posture
isn’t your fault.
there is something you can do about it.

You slouch because you forget not to (we all do). Upright makes remembering easy, by gently reminding you every time you stay bent over for too long. It makes sitting (and standing) better, unbelievably easy.

Upright device

Upright works in
3 easy steps

Place Upright on your back using the necklace
or the
adhesive, and set up your
goals using
Upright’s mobile App.

Get real-time posture feedback, for instant
correction, and track
progress via the mobile app.

Get daily posture analysis and progress
reports in the
Mobile App and
see substantial
results (that stick!) in
less than 2 weeks

90% of people’s
chronic pain is bad posture… you don’t have to pay big bucks to
see a physiotherapist, Upright is worth the investment!

Dr. Lin,

All Upright products

Transform your posture, eliminate
pain and build healthy habits that last

The GO 2 features you’ll love:

  • 2 built-in movement sensors
    in 1 device
  • 9 Advanced feedback plans
  • 30 Days auto app syncing
  • Daily training intensity setups

The most intuitive way to understand and improve your posture

The GO S features you’ll love:

  • 1 built-in movement sensor
  • 3 Advanced feedback plans
  • 7 Days auto app syncing
  • Daily training intensity setups
“The Upright GO is a simple, effective,
tool for gaining correct posture.”


The stylish way to transform your posture

A convenient and stylish alternative to adhesives. Sleek, secure and sustainable.


Hypoallergenic and sleek

Put your posture trainer directly on your skin. Made from medical grade silicone, these light, hypoallergenic Adhesives secure your device in place and won’t leave marks on your back.

“I love the Upright Go with its ease of use, affordability and personalization options!”

Dr. Lin Physical Therapist

What Customers Love
About Upright

15,000+ reviews
No more back pain!

I use this every day at my desk now.
I used to get this really bad knot in my back between my left shoulder blade and my spine - not any more.

Mary. H
The perfect helper
to remind my son
to stand straight

(mom can’t be around all the time ) and we saw a massive improvement over the past 2 weeks

Wendy. M
I caught my reflection
in a window

I was more than a little surprised to see that even after only two days...
I was already standing straighter

Tom. F
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Upright is based on biofeedback science

We apply biofeedback and behavioral
to design posture and back
health solutions
that make a difference
and consumers love.

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Upright is fantastic… it’s a
valuable tool to have to
really change behavior.
Joe Mahon, Physiotherapist
Upright is Clinically Validated by

Fast-track your
results with the

Simplify improving your posture and
changing your habits with the Upright App

  • Personalized posture training
  • Daily progress reports
  • Step-by-step tutorials and chat
  • Track your progress overtime