It all started with Oded’s wish to improve his mother’s posture. Oded’s mom, like many of us, is a sloucher. He searched for a solution, but couldn't find anything simple, discrete, and effective. Since, Oded has dedicated himself to creating a trainable that will change the way people sit & stand.


Our solution? UPRIGHT.
Our specialty? Real-time posture training.
Using a combination of smart sensors and a learning algorithm, we put together a training wearable that will help anyone who wants to fix their posture, finally get upright.


UPRIGHT is a trainable, designed to be worn for a short-amount of time during the day. UPRIGHT and it’s training program work to gradually train your core muscles and build muscle memory, so eventually you will be able to maintain an upright posture almost entirely subconsciously.


So you don't have to. We know how hard it is to remember to stay upright during your busy schedule. We want to watch your back. We want to make sure your body and your health is in check, so your mind can be at rest. We want you to feel more confident, powerful, and focused. We want to help get you upright.


Oded Cohen
CEO & Founder

Oded Cohen is the founder and CEO of UpRight. Having lived and worked in Kenya, Thailand, Taiwan, Nigeria, Germany, and Israel, Oded brings vast international experience. Oded has held a range of executive positions managing both small and multi-million dollar companies. By 2000, Oded managed an Incubator in Israel, and understands how to take small companies to huge successes. When Oded isn’t running around the world bringing UpRight to life, if the wind is right, you can find him in his favorite place on earth, lost at sea, kite surfing.

Ori Fruhauf
Business Manager

Ori Fruhauf is the business manager at UpRight. Ori has been serving as Deputy Commander at the Israeli Air Force for the past 12 year, where he managed his own team. When he’s not working on bringing UpRight to the market, you can find him playing his drums or jamming on his guitar. Ori received his first degree in business and economics and is currently pursuing his MBA at IDC Herzliya.

Liran Reller
Product Manager

Liran Reller is the product manager at UpRight. Liran has been serving as an officer at the Israeli Defense Force as a senior strategic advisor. When he’s not developing UpRight, you can find Liran hang-gliding once a week by the Sea of Galilee. Liran received his first degree in economics and has recently completed his masters in history of the Middle East at the University of Tel Aviv.

Gal Nagar
Marketing Manager

Gal Nagar is the marketing communications manager at UpRight, though we like to call her our ‘swiss army knife’, cause she basically does it all! When she’s not typing away on her computer at UpRight, you can find her in all the best sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv. Gal was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her BA degree in marketing and communication at the University of Southern California.

Moran Khoubian
Customer Experience & Community Manager

Inbar Aharon
Algorithm Manager

Inbar Aharon is the software manager at UpRight. Inbar was a part of the RoboCup team, an annual international robotics soccer competition which took place in Singapore! When she’s not researching or programming, you can find her in all the best gym dance classes. Inbar received her first degree in mathematics and computer sciences, and recently received her masters from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Nir Porat
Hardware & Engineering Manager

Shani Singer
Corporate Strategy & PR Manager

Hadas Cohen
App Developer

Sergey Burgsdorf
Software Engineer

Moshe Eliyahu
QA Engineer

Shai Kurianski
Head of Mobile Development

Adam Margolis
Customer Experience Analyst

Nathan Gadye
Customer Experience Analyst

Adi Yarden
Customer Experience Analyst


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