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UpRight users report

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This device has
for me!

Chris T., Verified Review
I am in good shape but after 10 years of sitting at a desk 10+ hours a day my posture had deteriorated to a point where it was causing me a lot of pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. It had become second nature for me to always slouch and I had zero awareness of when I slouched except when I would see a picture of myself.
Bad posture isn’t always due to a lack of strength and physicality but a lack of awareness. For me, it was a bad habit formed over many years. This device truly helped me to kick my bad posture habit. I keep this device in training mode all day because it reminds me with a little vibration to straighten up every time I slouch. This is exactly what I needed! The first day I wore this device I was surprised to learn how often I was slouching and I admit it was really hard to maintain good posture all day. With time it has become easier and I am now more self-aware. I am proud to say my posture has significantly improved with this device. The app is super cool and intuitive - this is just a well thought out product. This device has been life-changing for me.
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Helped take at least 10
years off
my appearance

Alycea Merideth, Verified Review
I’m 50 years old, have always had terrible posture and am trying to avoid developing an old lady hump. I’ve tried multiple products but none have made a difference. My Upright Go has helped within just two to three days of using it.My biggest concern is that I am not setting my posture correctly prior to each training session, but regardless,
I can tell I am building strength in my core and I notice my posture when I am not wearing the Upright Go. I believe this product has helped take at least 10 years off my appearance, as well as making me look slimmer with my improved posture. I’m buying one for my daughter, who also worries about her posture. I wish I had this product decades ago!
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I love this device!

Jamale Case, Verified Review
As the years go by, with more and more computer and desk work, my upper back and neck were beginning to bother me with tension and pain. I knew it was because I had developed bad posture, but when my son made a comment about how bad my posture was getting, I knew I needed to do something.
Upright is easy to use, especially after I got the necklace. Gentle reminders all day to stand up straight and bring my shoulders back. It couldn't be easier. I love this device!

I purchased this product to improve my posture. Based on your lifestyle it will build a training program that starts with small increments slowly building up longer training sessions. It will buzz when you begin to slouch. You can also track through the app and see your progress. I like that it’s very discreet and I have used the tape and necklace. Both work well. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their posture. People might find it pricey but I think it is worth it considering all the outcomes with poor posture.
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Helped correct my
posture better
than any
other method I've tried!

Ford G., Verified Review
I'm 6'2" and have had a slouch for many years because everything in life is about 2" too low to reach comfortably with good posture. I've tried the posture correcting shoulder strap brace things and they work to remind you for about 30 minutes and then you forget they're there and slouch through them until 4 hours pass and they start to be highly uncomfortable.
I am an active outdoorsman and handyman/contractor for a living so I was hesitant to try this GO that appeared to be designed for a desk jockey. I finally figured the high price (IMHO) was worth a shot. In short, it IS designed for a desk worker and has its limitations, but, the upright has helped correct my posture better than any other method I've tried.
Yes, it can be annoying sometimes when you're doing a task that involves frequent bending over or working under a truck or checking fittings under a sink. Easy solution! When you get annoyed, switch it to tracking and the buzzing stops. When that job is done, switch to training again and let your body continue to learn correct posture on the drive home or throughout your evening. I stick mine on right out of my morning shower almost every day and it says there completely unobtrusively all day long!
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Your Back Health is our Mission

After an incredible amount of research, discussions with doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and product testing, Upright was officially born in 2014.

Since then, our singular focus has been to empower people to live life to their full potential by unlocking better back health.

“My mother is now pain free and enjoys healthier posture. Our mission is to help millions looking for the same outcome ”

Oded Cohen, Founder, CEO