1. Get Your Upright Device

First get your UPRIGHT GO device. You can buy it from our online store, at Apple Stores, or at Officeworks stores.

Your UPRIGHT GO comes with free US shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee & 2 year warranty.

2. Install the free app

Download the UPRIGHT GO app for iOS and Android and sync your device with your phone to start your daily training sessions and tracking your progress.

3. Put It On!

The UPRIGHT GO attaches to your upper-back via a special hypoallergenic adhesive sticker. The GO is easy to attach and is comfortable for all day wear. Each UPRIGHT GO comes with 5 adhesives which give you about two weeks of use each. If you run out you can always order new adhesives here.

The device is small and discreet and won’t show under most clothes.

4. Get Immediate Posture Feedback

When in Training Mode your UPRIGHT GO will vibrate gently on your back to alert you whenever you slouch. You can adjust the sensitivity and vibration in the app.

It’s fast, it’s habit building and it works.


5. Improve everyday with training

We recommend daily training sessions to help you form a better posture habit. After each daily training session switch your GO to Tracking Mode to continue monitoring your posture throughout the rest of the day. Log in to your Statistics page in your UPRIGHT App to see all your posture statistics, goals and how you’ve improved over time with UPRIGHT.

Still not sure? Watch the video to see exactly how UPRIGHT works

Huge Benefits - One Tiny Habit Changing Device
  • Free shipping
  • Free iOS & Android App
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 2 year warranty
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