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Sit up! This is what’s happening to your back.


We won an award

The IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) awarded us with the title of “Best Technology Online Video 2015” for:

HUGE shoutout and thanks to TROSS for making it happen!


Dr. Hannigan’s Story: “After 2-3 weeks with the UPRIGHT – not a single bit of pain”

10675afThe beauty of your device is it trains and forces one to hold and maintain a lordotic “C” shaped concave curve. For the health of the nerves in the neck and lower back that curve is of paramount importance. The spine should be flexible and pliable but always return to that shape. When it is flexed forwards repeatedly and excessively it over-stretches the ligaments and disc fibers until they ultimately become “threadbare” and when they reach a “tipping point” – they will fail…disc bulges, nerve impingement
There’s no better proof of this than my lower back which has been a nightmare for 4 years (and, btw, I get adjusted constantly…), and after 2-3 weeks with the Upright – not a single bit of pain.

Dr. John Hannigan

Chiropractor and owner of Hannigan Chiropractic P.C.


Which Celebrity Posture Do You Have? [Quiz]

That’s right – now you can discover who your TRUE doppelgänger is…

Take the quiz to find out!


Esther’s Story: “This device has improved my posture, created awareness, and increased my overall study time”

“I have been using the Upright device for a few weeks now. I mostly use the device while studying at my desk and during class.

I have found that it helps me stay focused at my desk for longer periods of time.

Knowing there is something monitoring my posture helps to keep me sitting longer because I want to see how long I can keep an upright posture. While studying,  I have found whenever I become frustrated, tired, or when my mind begins to wander I slouch. The UPRIGHT then vibrates and I become aware of these feelings and thoughts, and can quickly correct them.

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Tara’s Story: “It was an empowering realization that I am a strong and capable woman”

image“While using the UPRIGHT device I realized how much a truly do slouch on a regular basis. The vibration it uses truly is a great reminder to sit up straight. I found myself sitting up while wearing it out of fear the device would alert me.

After using upright I noticed myself slouching in all sorts of different situations and the one I noticed the most was while I was at the gym. The gym has mirrors all around so I could see myself almost anywhere I turned. While resting in between sets I could see myself slouching in the mirror.

When I would adjust my posture I noticed I not only looked better, I felt much better as well.

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M.PT Ido Dana: My Experience With UPRIGHT

1959468_900750793302508_2081056548997049551_nWhen I came across UPRIGHT for the first time, I immediately recognized its potential as a biofeedback training device.

While all the traditional advantages of using biofeedback were clear, I also saw the advantage of UPRIGHT being a wearable device, opening a wide range of possibilities that a normal biofeedback device cannot provide.

We began using UPRIGHT, the first wearable biofeedback rehabilitation device, in our practice as a tool to improve posture. We started with patients with pronounced postural disorders such as kyphosis, scoliosis, as well as patients experiencing muscle weakness due to neurovascular diseases such as MS, and patients with walking and balance difficulties due to Parkinson’s. In all of these cases, we believed that patients would substantially benefit from using UPRIGHT.

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UPRIGHT winning the Fresh Award at DISTREE EMEA 2016

Thank you DISTREE for honoring us with the Fresh Award at the DISTREA EMEA Conference 2016.

Check out Upright’s business manager, Ori, accepting the award at the show…

Thank you for hosting us DISTREE, see you next year!


What do Leo and Turtles have in common?




First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Leo for finally locking in that statue – it’s been a long time coming and we’ve been rooting for you. Unfortunately, your posture was far from statuesque on that stand.

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Do you have turtle posture or power posture?

This question haunts us.

Did you know that the way you sit hunched over at your desk has a name? Well it does, and it’s called ‘Turtle Posture’. Thank you Huffington Post for teaching us all why being a turtle sucks, and why upright posture matters.

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PODCAST: The importance of ergonomics & posture with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff

Posture and ergonomics are the ‘hot topics’ of discussion in every Human Resources department. With an increasing number of studies coming out linking sitting and bad posture to a range of  health conditions, companies are starting to take note.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, poor posture is the number 1 reason for back pain. With a staggering 80% of the population suffering from back pain, and back pain being the number 1 reason for missed work days – the ‘sedentary threat’ is becoming hard to ignore.

So how do you make the office space safe, healthy, and effective? How do you keep employees happy and healthy, while ensuring their office time is productive?

I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff to learn more about just that. Dr. Horonjeff  is an ergonomic consultant to big companies and corporations, and is a researcher in biomechanics and user-centered care.

Hear what she had to say…

(Click play below)

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We nominate Brie Larson for ‘Best Posture’ this Oscars

Stars are getting ready for the #Oscars, but Brie Larson has already won the show.

This year, it’s all about #GoodPosture and Brie’s got it, BIG TIME. Nothing screams star-quality like a perfect statuesque posture.

With her nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her amazing performance in Room, Larson’s on the  pre-Oscars interview round, and we’re on to her secret – perfect posture.

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