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Back in my day, I didn’t have an UPRIGHT trainer to help me with my posture. Instead, I had two loving, caring parents who would nag me every time I was slouching, and a cousin who will touch my spine every time I was not standing straight.

Yes, it used to help my posture for about three minutes, but then I would go back to my horrible slouching position. Thankfully, we have UpRight now to train our muscles to be able to be upright without anyone else nagging us.

Getting your UpRight is the easiest part, but training consistently and learning how to properly attach your Upright to your back may be challenging in the beginning to some people. No worries though, we got your back (pun intended). Attaching your UpRight device to your back can be really easy if you follow these four steps:

  • Find the right place to attach your UpRight.

Before even touching your Upright device, you should find the exact place where you want to attach your Upright. If you are walking or standing, you can place your Upright on your upper back, between your shoulder blades. If you want to train while sitting, place it on your lower back. To find the best spot for your Upright Pose on your lower back, just place both of your hands on your waist, right above your hipbone but under your ribcage. Trace your thumbs backwards until they meet on your spine. That’s where you should place your UpRight.

  • Make sure the area is clean and dry.

Agents like dirt and sweat can make it harder for the adhesive to attach to your body. Simply clean the area with an alcohol pad (you can find 8 on your UpRight box) or dry the area with a towel before attaching the UpRight trainer to your back.

  • Attach the adhesive to your UpRight.

Find the adhesives in your Upright box and tear one off with the liner. It is extremely important that you don’t tear out the liner until you are ready to place UpRight to your back. Once you have the single-use adhesive, attach the scotch side to the black hooks on the back of your Upright device, keeping the white paper on the adhesive. Press until it is attached properly. And now to the last step!

  • Stick UpRight to your back.

Now it is time to stick your UpRight to your upper or lower back. For this, simply remove the white paper from the adhesive without touching the sticky side. Place your UpRight on a vertical position on your upper or lower back (the place you initially located) while sitting. Press firmly to make sure your UpRight is attached properly. And voila! Your UpRight is properly attached to your back. Now you can turn on the UpRight and begin your training!

If you want to try this tutorial by yourself, get your Upright today and get the posture your parents always strive for you to have.

Source: Old Shopify Blog

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