Week 1: Social Benefits

Appearance. Public Image. Impact.

One of the first things you’ll notice when starting your training with UPRIGHT GO is how great you look just from maintaining a good posture! Creating a good posture habit can help you make a good first impression, and appear more attractive and confident. When you stop slouching, you look taller and slimmer… which will almost always lead to compliments from your friends and colleagues! You’ll also enjoy hearing your friends & co-workers compliment your confidence & tall posture.

Research shows that adopting an upright seated posture in the face of stress can maintain self-esteem, reduce negative mood, and increase positive mood compared to a slumped posture.” – Huffington Post                                                                                                            

Week 2: Emotional Benefits

Self-Esteem. Confidence. Positive Attitude

You’ll feel much more confident and have higher self-esteem by the end of the second week’s training. Each additional day of posture training will see you holding a correct upright posture for longer training sessions, and also forming muscle memory

Expressing more powerful poses helps us get better jobs, makes us feel better and makes us overall more successful.”– TED Talk Amy Cuddy


Week 3: Physical benefits

Back and Neck discomfort lowered. Increased core strength. Breathing improved

Well into the training you’ll start to feel more energized, as this is a turning point for general physical health. Breathing becomes easier, blood flow less constricted and general back, neck pain or discomfort lowered. Additionally, training sessions are easier to complete and you will start correcting your posture more automatically. Being upright becomes much more natural.

“the study found that bad posture affects breathing and lung capacity by up to 30% – American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Week 4: Mental benefits

Increased productivity. More focused. A sharper you

Congratulations! Good posture is now part of your daily routine & like any other muscle, it’s important to work on it everyday, remembering to hold a tall & confident posture while sitting, standing or walking. Keep using your UPRIGHT to keep and even improve your new lifestyle.

“Sitting upright makes you more alert, concentrated, and productive. – American Academy of Physical Medicine

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