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So How Do You Avoid All of That Holiday Weight Gain?

With these quick tips and tricks you can be on your way to gliding through the holiday season without having to invest in a new wardrobe by New Year’s Eve!

1) Breathe…Deeply

You may not have heard of this one before, but breathing properly is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism according to Pam Grout, breathing coach, you can lose up to one pound a day – teach us your ways, oh mighty Pam! According to Pam, When you don’t have enough oxygen, your cells are forced to store fat. She recommends practicing taking big breaths from your stomach rather than letting your chest rise. This is much easier if you have a good posture. Slouching will make this breathing technique near impossible – all the more reason to sit upright!

2) Boost Your Metabolism

By practicing standing and sitting straight, and even better when walking, you can easily boost your metabolism. The simple act of keeping your posture straight requires more energy. Reaching for that Christmas cookie doesn’t feel so bad anymore, hey?

3) Build Up Strength

Adopting a good posture helps you to use the muscles that a poor posture does not. Your abdominals, back and neck muscles – basically all of those supporting your core, will become more toned in the process. This will give a nice slimming effect around the midriff area so you can say goodbye to those saddlebags – what could be easier?

4) Use Up More Calories

What happens when you build up muscle? You burn more calories…By changing your posture you will burn far more calories in a day than your fellow slouchers. Not just because you’ll be building up muscle, but also due to the amount of energy you are using. So sit up, chin up!

5) Lose 10 Pounds Instantly

You’ve probably read this in a magazine or somewhere online. The truth is it’s physically impossible to ‘lose 10 pounds instantly’ but what’s not impossible, is making it look as though you’ve lost 10 pounds. All you have to do is stand up straight – yes, it’s that simple! Slouching lets our guts hang out and we look bigger than we actually are. Standing up is the simple solution, as a good posture alignment pulls everything up and in. Hey presto.

It all sounds so simple, but what if you don’t know what a correct posture feels like and you aren’t quite used to it. Maybe you need a friend by your side to tell you ‘hey, you’re slouching, sit up!’ – well, that’s where the UPRIGHT GO comes in. The UPRIGHT GO can be that friend giving you little reminders to sit or stand up. Give it a go today and avoid that holiday weight-gain, gym-free!

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