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It has been proven that upright posture profoundly affects how you come across, and here’s how….

#1 Tackle Your Hormones, Tackle Your Confidence

Hormones can have a large effect on how confident you feel, men and women alike. Those with naturally high testosterone levels have increased confidence, while those with increased cortisol levels experience the opposite effect; decreased confidence – simple. It may come as a surprise to some, but your posture can actually physically affect the level of both of these hormones in your body. Simply sitting upright and incorporating power poses, can increase testosterone levels thus making you more confident and in turn a better manager. Having a confident demeanor has an effect on both you and those around you, making it a very important factor for those in a managerial role.

#2 Sound Authoritative

Many people may know that having a proper posture can improve singing technique. But did you know that it also affects your speaking voice?

Sitting or standing with your head and neck rounded, will constrict the muscles in your neck leading to the tension of the voice box (larynx) and can actually change your voice tone. Rounding of the shoulders also affects breathing which indirectly powers the voice. This can make you sound less attractive and give you a shaky voice tone. By simply adopting an upright posture, it will help you speak more clearly and confidently, which without a doubt has an effect on your management success.

#3 Look the Part with Upright Posture

Simply put, bad posture looks lazy. No matter how confident you may feel inside, slumping of the shoulders gives the appearance of someone insecure, bored and dull, not to mention gives off a frumpy appearance. These are certainly not characteristics that a manager wants to embody: a manager should feel and look the part. You don’t see world leaders slouching about when they deliver speeches; they stand up tall and voice their case. Just as a manager should, especially when presenting, leading a meeting and even when they enter a room.

Adopting an open body posture involving standing with the legs apart, slightly wider than shoulder width, placing hands on hips or straight down, as well as lifting the head upright (as if strings were pulling you up) will express authority and power. Having an open body posture will make you feel more assertive, enhance breathing, and on top of that, will present an image of confidence and authority – someone that people will listen to.

And if you still aren’t convinced, did we mention that a good posture can make you look taller, in turn, making you look slimmer?


People are more likely to listen to someone who oozes confidence, by looking and sounding the part, a manager can gain the respect they deserve and effectively increase productivity; they are far more likely to be heard. People don’t want to take orders from a shaky-voiced and slouched-over manager. So whether you are sitting or standing, make sure you adopt an upright posture and get the respect that you need to be an effective manager.  

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