Maintaining an upright posture improves your mental wellbeing

Your body has a strong effect on your mind, and posture is proven to influence your mood. Being upright makes you instantly happier and uplifted, as well as helps reduce your stress.


Posture has a proven effect on energy level and the ability to generate positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Erik Peper studied this relationship and found that people who were upright felt more energetic, happier, and more positive. By contrast, those who slouched reported feeling sad, lonely, and isolated.


relax-upright-postureStress not only causes poor posture, but also perpetuates it. A 2015 study by Nair et al. published in Health Psychology compared different seated postures to evaluate how each affected emotions in the face of stress. Results found that adopting an upright posture when stressed can maintain self-esteem, reduce negative mood, and increase positive mood, compared to a slumped posture. Therefore, sitting upright might be the simplest strategy to help build resilience to stress.

With posture playing such a role on our mood and emotions, UpRight is the perfect solution to make sure you’re always upright and uplifted.