upright shape review

The best part: UpRight is only meant to be worn for about five minutes to an hour a day..read more..



upright gizmag review

If you’ve ever sat in a classroom or worked in an office then you’ll know all about the importance of good posture, but maintaining a straight back and square shoulders can be a tough habit to form..” read more..


upright lifehack review

The Upright system can fix your posture-related problems without repetitive exercises. The gadget is a small stick that fits on one’s back, which acts as a reminder for keeping one’s posture straight..read more..

upright engadget review

60 seconds with the wearable that might save your back.. read more..


upright ubergizmo review

There are countless benefits of maintaining a good posture but what if you’re not exactly sure of what constitutes a “good” posture? The UpRight wearable device is here to help..” read more..


upright psfk review


UpRight is a wearable device designed to help users attain perfect posture as well as prevent future back pain..” read more..





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