how upright works

upright works stage 1

Turn on & pair to app

Turn on the device & Bluetooth to immedately pair
upright works stage 2

Attach Upright to your back

Use the hypoalergenic adhesives to attach UPRIGHT to your upper or lower back
upright works stage 3

begin your training

Start training with your personalized training plan

How to attach UpRight to your back

UpRight easily and comfortably attaches to your upper or lower back!

locate the center of your back
either above your hips
between your shoulder blades

Attach the double sided velcro/ adhesive to the back of the Upright device

Press firmly and then peel the paper away from the sticky side, refrain from touching the sticky side

Stick the UPRIGHT to the spot on your back that you located earlier & begin your training!

When you are sitting slouched, UPRIGHT detects this movement & vibrates until you will be sitting in a straight UPRIGHT position

UPRIGHT tracks how much time you are sitting slouched or UPRIGHT to help train you

the ulimate smart posture trainer

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  • upright posture trainer
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  • 60 hypoallergenic adheseves
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