Getting Started

To get started, download the UPRIGHT app and follow the app's instructions to begin training.

STEP 1 - Where to Attach

  1. Place both hands on your waist, above your hip bone and below your ribcage.
  2. Trace your thumbs backwards along this line until they meet in the center of your spine.
  3. If you're not too sure, always shoot for placing UPRIGHT slightly higher than you think.

Sweat prevents the adhesive from properly attaching to your body. If you are a little sweaty, grab an alcohol pad from the package and wipe the area around your back.

Step 2 - Adhesive

UPRIGHT attaches to your back with a single-use adhesive. The adhesives are disposable and can only be worn once.

  1. Grab an adhesive from the UPRIGHT package, and DO NOT remove the liner.
  2. Attach the scotch scotch side of the adhesive to the black hooks on the back of UPRIGHT.
  3. Press firmly to ensure it’s attached well.

Step 3 - Attach UpRight

  1. Remove the liner from the adhesive without touching the sticky part.
  2. With the logo facing up, vertically position UPRIGHT along your spine over the point you found earlier.
  3. Make sure your pant line does not interfere with UPRIGHT.
  4. Secure UPRIGHT in place by pressing firmly.

Step 4 - Finding your neutral spine

  1. Fully arch your back, then slouch forward. Arch once more, and release to find your neutral upright posture.
  2. Pull your belly-button towards your spine to find support from your core.
  3. Roll your shoulders back, and drop.
  4. Lengthen you neck and slightly tuck your chin in.
  5. Imagine there is a string pulling you up from your crown, lengthening your spine.
  6. Stay relaxed and comfortable. Loosen your shoulders and breath deep.

Step 5 - UPRIGHT needs to learn your back

UPRIGHT needs to learn your back before you can begin training. This is calibration. To do so, UpRight needs to detect your straight position, followed by your slouched position. Before you start, make sure you are sitting at the edge of your seat. Your back should not touch the backrest as it might affect UPRIGHT’s readings. USE THE UPRIGHT APP TO BEGIN CALIBRATION.

Step 6 - Testing before training

Great job calibrating… Now, when you slouch, UPRIGHT will vibrate, and when you get back, it will stop. Go ahead, try it out…

UPRIGHT measures your back movements, its important that nothing is pressed on it, as it might affect its readings. So while training, don’t lean on the backrest, and try to wear a loose shirt. Your core muscles train best without support.

At the moment, UPRIGHT is not programmed to work while standing, walking, or any other kind of physical activity, so stay seated during your training session.

Training program & app

Your training program and important training tips

  • Your training program is comprised of daily goals, and each goal represents the amount of time during the day that you should train with UPRIGHT.
  • Your first goal is 5 minutes, and will gradually increase in time to 60 minutes.
  • Try to train at least 4 days a week.
  • Train in your natural sitting environment, such as your office.
  • The first few sessions are dedicated for UPRIGHT to learn your back. Training will become simpler and easier as you progress.
  • in order to ensure accuracy you will have to calibrate each time you attach UPRIGHT to your back.
  • Throughout your training, feel free to pause if you feel you need to take a break.

Navigating the app

  • The filling green bar in the training program graph shows you training progress, for a more detailed display just tap the graph and you will see a thorough daily break down.
  • The sensitivity slider allows you to choose how strict or lenient you want your UPRIGHT trainer to be. Adjust it according to your training preferences.
  • If your trainer goes a little out of sync, reset UPRIGHT by recalibrating.
  • Use the troubleshooting button to watch our detailed help video, reconnect your upright, or contact our awesome support team.
  • When you're done training, dock UPRIGHT on your charger, or turn it off with a long press.


The first few sessions are dedicated for UPRIGHT to learn your back. If you feel that UPRIGHT is vibrating when you are sitting straight, there are a few things you can do to help UPRIGHT work well for you.

  1. Adjust the sensitivity slider in the app to a level that feels right for you.
  2. Recalibrate to give UPRIGHT some more information about your back.
  3. UPRIGHT must be firmly pressed to your back. Make sure that upright is secured to the adhesive and the adhesive is secured to your back by firmly placing UPRIGHT in place.
  4. If its not attaching properly, make sure your back is clean and dry, then reattach UPRIGHT with a new adhesive and press firmly.
  5. Flip UPRIGHT upside-down with the logo facing downwards, to change the location of UPRIGHT's sensors.
  6. Reposition UPRIGHT slightly higher or slightly lower on your back.
  7. After making these changes, don't forget to recalibrate.

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