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STAND UP STRAIGHT: Perfect Posture from Head to Toe

In recent times, we have become a generation of slouchers. Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, and computers; increased number of desk jobs; and long commutes to and from work have forced poor habits upon much of today’s workforce.

Complaints of chronic knee problems and back pain have become the norm. The rise in popularity of chiropractors, massage, yoga classes, physical therapists, and technology such as Upright is a direct result of our lifestyle choices and our less strict standards of carriage.

Proper posture helps reduce wasted energy, chronic body pain, joint dysfunctions, decreased range of motion, and other internal health issues. Starting from the ground up, we can fix how we carry ourselves and lead us to living a healthier, happier life.


Author: Susie Lemmer

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The New Year Resolution Everyone Forgets and How To Keep It

playlistIt’s that time of the year, time to make new year’s resolutions and look at the broken ones we forgot to maintain. Often people forget to add “improving my posture” to their list but instead focus on losing weight, starting that diet (again), going to the gym or yoga class, and just “being” healthy. What we all often forget are the benefits of a correct posture, and how standing or sitting upright can burn more calories, improve your confidence and help you just be healthier. The great news is that you can work on all your resolutions while working on improving your posture. Here are some tips for you stick to the 2017 new year’s resolution and achieve your yearly goals:

  1. Exercise:

“Exercise more” is on top of everyone’s list when it comes to resolutions, and doing it can help you maintain a good posture. Stretching and exercising daily will help you strengthen your back muscles, which will help you maintain a good posture that will, in return, help you strengthen your core muscles. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Get up and move:

This doesn’t mean you need to go out for a run or hit the treadmill multiple times a day, but if you work in an office and are sitting at your desk most of the day, you should take small breaks and take a loop around the office. A five-minute break every hour will help you release stress from your muscles that have been getting tense over the course of the day.

  1. Inspirational wall:

Surrounding yourself with positive things will motivate you and help you be motivated to improve your posture and achieve all your goals. Put motivational quotes, pictures or reminders on a wall in your room, mirror or even as your phone’s screen to remind you that you can achieve what you set your mind to.

  1. Write it down:

You already have an entire wall that keeps you motivated with quotes and phrases to keep you going, but actually writing your resolution of maintaining a good posture will help you achieve it. Not only it will be a constant reminder that you need to work on your posture, but it will make it more official.

  1. Make a plan:

Set weekly goals, keep them in mind and create a plan to achieve it. The UPRIGHT app will send you reminders and will develop a training plan for you to achieve the posture you strive so hard to have, so we have you covered on this specific resolution.

  1. Stick to it:

Experts say that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, which is the exact time of our training program last. What a coincidence! But no worries, you can train for more than 21 days if you wish.

Remember that improving your posture helps you achieve your new year’s resolutions because the benefits of good posture are endless. The best thing is that you don’t have to do it alone, thanks to UPRIGHT trainer that you can get here.



Learn From The Upright Team How To Quickly & Easily Attach Upright To Your Back

Learn From The Upright Team How To Quickly & Easily Attach Upright To Your BackBack in my day, I didn’t have an UpRight trainer to help me with my posture. Instead, I had two loving, caring parents who would nag me every time I was slouching, and a cousin who will touch my spine every time I was not standing straight. Yes, it used to help my posture for about three minutes, but then I would go back to my horrible slouching position. Thankfully, we have UpRight now to train our muscles to be able to be upright without anyone else nagging us.

Getting your UpRight is the easiest part, but training consistently and learning how to properly attach your Upright to your back may be challenging in the beginning to some people. No worries though, we got your back (pun intended). Attaching your UpRight device to your back can be really easy if you follow these four steps:

  • Find the right place to attach your UpRight.

Before even touching your Upright device, you should find the exact place where you want to attach your Upright. If you are walking or standing, you can place your Upright on your upper back, between your shoulder blades. If you want to train while sitting, place it on your lower back. To find the best spot for your Upright Pose on your lower back, just place both of your hands on your waist, right above your hipbone but under your ribcage. Trace your thumbs backwards until they meet on your spine. That’s where you should place your UpRight.

  • Make sure the area is clean and dry.

Agents like dirt and sweat can make it harder for the adhesive to attach to your body. Simply clean the area with an alcohol pad (you can find 8 on your UpRight box) or dry the area with a towel before attaching the UpRight trainer to your back.

  • Attach the adhesive to your UpRight.

Find the adhesives in your Upright box and tear one off with the liner. It is extremely important that you don’t tear out the liner until you are ready to place UpRight to your back. Once you have the single-use adhesive, attach the scotch side to the black hooks on the back of your Upright device, keeping the white paper on the adhesive. Press until it is attached properly. And now to the last step!

  • Stick UpRight to your back.

Now it is time to stick your UpRight to your upper or lower back. For this, simply remove the white paper from the adhesive without touching the sticky side. Place your UpRight on a vertical position on your upper or lower back (the place you initially located) while sitting. Press firmly to make sure your UpRight is attached properly. And voila! Your UpRight is properly attached to your back. Now you can turn on the UpRight and begin your training!

If you want to try this tutorial by yourself, get your Upright today and get the posture your parents always strive for you to have.


Sit up! This is what’s happening to your back.


We won an award

The IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) awarded us with the title of “Best Technology Online Video 2015” for:

HUGE shoutout and thanks to TROSS for making it happen!


Which Celebrity Posture Do You Have? [Quiz]

That’s right – now you can discover who your TRUE doppelgänger is…

Take the quiz to find out!


M.PT Ido Dana: My Experience With UPRIGHT

1959468_900750793302508_2081056548997049551_nWhen I came across UPRIGHT for the first time, I immediately recognized its potential as a biofeedback training device.

While all the traditional advantages of using biofeedback were clear, I also saw the advantage of UPRIGHT being a wearable device, opening a wide range of possibilities that a normal biofeedback device cannot provide.

We began using UPRIGHT, the first wearable biofeedback rehabilitation device, in our practice as a tool to improve posture. We started with patients with pronounced postural disorders such as kyphosis, scoliosis, as well as patients experiencing muscle weakness due to neurovascular diseases such as MS, and patients with walking and balance difficulties due to Parkinson’s. In all of these cases, we believed that patients would substantially benefit from using UPRIGHT.

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What do Leo and Turtles have in common?




First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Leo for finally locking in that statue – it’s been a long time coming and we’ve been rooting for you. Unfortunately, your posture was far from statuesque on that stand.

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Do you have turtle posture or power posture?

This question haunts us.

Did you know that the way you sit hunched over at your desk has a name? Well it does, and it’s called ‘Turtle Posture’. Thank you Huffington Post for teaching us all why being a turtle sucks, and why upright posture matters.

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PODCAST: The importance of ergonomics & posture with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff

Posture and ergonomics are the ‘hot topics’ of discussion in every Human Resources department. With an increasing number of studies coming out linking sitting and bad posture to a range of  health conditions, companies are starting to take note.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, poor posture is the number 1 reason for back pain. With a staggering 80% of the population suffering from back pain, and back pain being the number 1 reason for missed work days – the ‘sedentary threat’ is becoming hard to ignore.

So how do you make the office space safe, healthy, and effective? How do you keep employees happy and healthy, while ensuring their office time is productive?

I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff to learn more about just that. Dr. Horonjeff  is an ergonomic consultant to big companies and corporations, and is a researcher in biomechanics and user-centered care.

Hear what she had to say…

(Click play below)

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We nominate Brie Larson for ‘Best Posture’ this Oscars

Stars are getting ready for the #Oscars, but Brie Larson has already won the show.

This year, it’s all about #GoodPosture and Brie’s got it, BIG TIME. Nothing screams star-quality like a perfect statuesque posture.

With her nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her amazing performance in Room, Larson’s on the  pre-Oscars interview round, and we’re on to her secret – perfect posture.

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