Tara’s Story: “It was an empowering realization that I am a strong and capable woman”

image“While using the UPRIGHT device I realized how much a truly do slouch on a regular basis. The vibration it uses truly is a great reminder to sit up straight. I found myself sitting up while wearing it out of fear the device would alert me.

After using upright I noticed myself slouching in all sorts of different situations and the one I noticed the most was while I was at the gym. The gym has mirrors all around so I could see myself almost anywhere I turned. While resting in between sets I could see myself slouching in the mirror.

When I would adjust my posture I noticed I not only looked better, I felt much better as well.

I felt a sense of strength and it was an empowering realization that I am a strong and capable woman.

It also gave me confidence in the aspect of looking much better as well. I noticed when I am slouching my body does not look as healthy and fit as it does when standing upright. I also know how dangerous it can be to lift weights while maintaining an improper posture.

Now, I make sure to check my posture before starting my set at the gym so I know, not only am I getting a better work out, I will also not injure myself in the process. Wearing the upright device has helped to draw my attention to how important proper posture is while working out and throughout everyday life as well.”

– Tara Konrad