Esther’s Story: “This device has improved my posture, created awareness, and increased my overall study time”

“I have been using the Upright device for a few weeks now. I mostly use the device while studying at my desk and during class.

I have found that it helps me stay focused at my desk for longer periods of time.

Knowing there is something monitoring my posture helps to keep me sitting longer because I want to see how long I can keep an upright posture. While studying,  I have found whenever I become frustrated, tired, or when my mind begins to wander I slouch. The UPRIGHT then vibrates and I become aware of these feelings and thoughts, and can quickly correct them.

working at the computer Esther BlissWhen I study and these feelings of frustration or even anger come up, it is the UPRIGHT device that makes me realize these emotions, and that I need to take a few breaths, relax, and return my focus to the task at hand. Trying to study while being angry does not allow me to really learn or remember anything, so knowing when these feelings come up has been beneficial for me.

Not only is this device creating awareness of my posture, it is also making me aware of what is causing my poor posture.

I now know that when I slouch while studying, it is because of emotional strain, anger, sleepiness, or  other negative thoughts. Now I can readjust these thoughts or allow myself to take a short break to clear my head, and then get back to work. This device has improved my posture, created awareness, and increased my overall study time.”

– Esther Bliss

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