Do you have turtle posture or power posture?

This question haunts us.

Did you know that the way you sit hunched over at your desk has a name? Well it does, and it’s called ‘Turtle Posture’. Thank you Huffington Post for teaching us all why being a turtle sucks, and why upright posture matters.

If you’re sitting in an office and are guilty of the symptoms of turtle posture – time to make a change, now. Easier said than done though, eh? We know sitting upright is hard, and truth be told, most people can’t remember to hold an upright posture for more than 5 minutes. The UPRIGHT posture trainer is the perfect wearable companion that trains you to improve your posture. Best part, you only have to wear it between 15mins to an hour a day to get your body into the habit of sitting up straight naturally.

Stop sitting like a turtle, and start boasting a powerful back.


What is the UPRIGHT Posture Trainer?

UPRIGHT is a wearable that trains you to improve
your posture by vibrating when you slouch... (Read More)

How does UPRIGHT work?

Using multiple sensors and an advanced learning algorithm, UPRIGHT accurately learns your back and... (Read More)




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